Save Big on These Two Battery Solutions for Your Smartphone


Your iPhone battery is at 100%, you post a single tweet, and it drops to 64%. You look at it the wrong way and it’s down to 34%. Sound familiar? Call for backup. We’ve got two backup battery solutions you’ll love.


The Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery gives you up to eight complete battery charges for your smartphone. With two USB ports, you can charge your phone and tablet at the same time, or two of each.

You’ll get the fastest possible charge from the 12,000mAh battery-and weighing in at just 11 ounces, that fast charge doesn’t come with extra bulk. Get it for $39.95, or nearly 70% off!


The Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 6/6s Battery Case protects your phone as it charges. The phone case comes equipped with a 2,750mAh battery, plus a power button so you can choose when you want to give your phone battery a boost.

Nothing to plug in, and no wires-just pop in your phone and go. Get it for $49.95, or 50% off!

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