Save the Music In Daft Punk: The Game


French dance music kings Daft Punk’s collection of cheesy samples has been stolen, and only you can help them get it back in Daft Punk: The Game.

You should probably be familiar with the music of French disco-dance outfit Daft Punk, if not for their crazy videos or robot helmets then for inspiring internet memes and hit songs. If not, get familiar enough so that you’ll understand half the funny that’s contained in Shane Brouwer’s silly tribute sidescroller, Daft Punk: The Game.

In the game, fellow French dance floor connoisseurs Justice have stolen all of Daft Punk’s samples (just like they stole their music style, am I right?) and it’s up to you to guide one of the Daft Punks through two levels of rudimentary 2D platforming to get them back.

With the midnight Parisian skyline as a backdrop, you have to collect different record icons that represent samples like Will Smith’s “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” and one hit wonder Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” Meanwhile a chiptunes version of the group’s hit song “One More Time” plays in the background. Pro tip: whenever you jump on the head of an enemy a clip of the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” part of that song plays: chain a kill and it’ll play the next part of the clip, chain enough kills and you hear the entire thing.

There are just two levels here and it doesn’t matter if you actually collect the samples or not. Still, it’s a fun timekiller for anyone familiar with the group and maybe a decent introduction to them for those who aren’t. Beware, however. You only get three lives and instant death lurks around every corner.

[Via Offworld]

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