Save Tons of Cash With the Rare Gold Idol Item in Dragon’s Dogma

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Looking to save a little cash in Dragon’s Dogma? The unique Gold Idol item lowers vendor prices by 30% permanently, all you have to do is get it. Learn how to acquire this awesome statue with these tips.

There are three types of Idol in Dragon’s Dogma; Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with appropriately scaling rewards. The simple Bronze and Silver Idols are available through a variety of sources, but there’s only one way to get the extremely rare Gold Idol. Not only does it provide an instant vendor discount, but it can also expand the inventory for two shops in the central city of Gran Soren.

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How to Get the Gold Idol

The Gold Idol is a quest item that lowers all vendor prices by 30% while it is equipped in the player or a pawn’s inventory. That’s a lot of cash, but it is also linked to two alternate quests.

Don’t worry, there are ways to get around turning this money-saving item over. Before getting into that, let’s see how to get the thing.

If you turn in the Gold Idol to Caxton or Madeline in Gran Soren, you can get powerful new gear. Check out the sections below to see all of the Gold Idol’s uses.


Before you can get the Gold Idol, you’ll need to complete the following quests:

  • Land of Opportunity: This quest is given by the fat aristocrat Fournival in his mansion in the Noble Quarter. It is available after entering Gran Soren.
  • Chasing Shadows: Once the Wyrm Hunt begins, this quest is available from Mason. He is located in the fountain square of Gran Soren during the day.

When these two quests are complete, the Arisen can now start the Escort Duty quest.

How to Get the Gold Idol – ‘Escort Duty’ Quest Reward

Travel to the Noble Quarter of Gran Soren to find an overstuffed aristocrat named Fournival in his large mansion. This is the same NPC that gives ‘Land of Opportunity’ and will request that the Arisen escort his daughter through the city.

The mission is only available between 6AM and 3PM. Bring one (1) Flask of Water — these are sold by Camellia in the fountain square of Gran Soren.

To get the Gold Idol, you’ll need to be on best behavior during the escort. Certain actions will lower your affinity with Symone and it is possible to earn a Bronze or Silver Idol.

Follow these tips to always get the Gold idol:

  • 1. Stay close to Symone and listen to everything she has to say.
  • 2. When she plays Hide-and-Seek, look in these two spots; the back of the Union Inn, or the back of Arsmith’s Alehouse. Find her quick!
  • 3. At the Craftsman’s Quarter gates, talk to Symone and give her a Flask of Water when she requests water. Start the mission with this item to save yourself some time.
  • 4. Last, she will run back to the Noble Quarter. Stay close, but don’t sprint or bump into her. Let her win for best results.
  • 5. Absolutely do not: unsheath your weapons, bump into Symone, grab her, or attack her. Remember to let her win the race, and the faster you complete her requests, the better your chances at earning the Gold Idol.

That’s a lot of effort for a little statue. Here’s why the reward is so valuable.

The Gold Idol – Uses & Rewards

The Gold Idol, while stored in the Arisen or a Pawn’s inventory, grants an instant 30% discount to all vendors. That includes Gran Soren and Cassardis vendors, or travelling shops.

The Gold Idol can also unlock new supplies at two Gran Soren shop locations: Caxton or Madeleine.

To keep the 30% discount and upgrade Caxton or Madelein’e shop, travel to The Black Count — a forgery store in the Venery District. For a fee, the proprietor will create forgeries of one-of-a-kind items.

The Gold Idol Forgery also provides a 30% discount, or it can be traded to Caxton or Madeleine to increase their stock with high quality gear.

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