Save Vampires! From Pointy Death in This Puzzler


Guide Count von Bubblehead to his crypt in this PC & Mac game, but try not to get Queenie killed along the way.

It’s almost dawn; time to get those pesky bloodsuckers back in their coffins, but the daft little sods are about as safety-conscious as a bunch of depressed lemmings and some unfeeling cad has left deathtraps all over the shop. You’d better make creative use of garlic repellent and spider nets, or it’s goodnight for all the Vampires! This one has a strong whiff of Dungeon Keeper about it, but as the trailer demonstrates it has a quirky, bloodthirsty charm all its own.

You lead Count von Bubblehead and his brethren through the maze by rotating labyrinth squares to channel the Vampires in a specific direction, employing garlic to stop the Vampires going down a particular route or using spider webs to slow them up. Meanwhile those pesky slayers have left silver bullet cannons, mirrors and other traps in the way. If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, the Vampire will wander into one of those deathtraps and vanish in a puff of grave dust. You can call on the mystic powers of the Vampire Queen if you feel the need, but be warned; if she dies, that’s game over.

This comes courtesy of CBE Software, who have a demo to show you, whether you happen to be a PC or a Mac gamer. The developer also has plans for a mobile release, and is plugging away at Greenlight. No word on a release date yet, but if the developer is listening: I’d like this on my tablet sooner rather than later!

Source: PC Gamer

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