Nothing means Christmas quite so much as snowmen, mistletoe, zombie gingerbread cookies, misshapen snow angels, and molotov cocktails.

ThinkGeek is offering Left 4 Dead-themed holiday cards again this year. The artwork is a lighthearted take on how zombies from the game might get along during the holidays, with you know, being dead and all. There are two sets available this year, last year’s from the original game and a second set based on November’s sequel. They are selling them for $15.99 per set of ten, complete with envelopes.

They are all pretty funny, but my favorite is the lop-sided snow angel. Poor zombie, he just wants to exult in the new fallen snow, but his arm is so big.

Whether you want to impress a fellow gamer or just frighten off the in-laws, these cards are the perfect expression of your zombie-killing expertise this holiday season.

Check them out at ThinkGeek.

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