Scarlette: The Dream


Character Name: Scarlette
World: Bismarck
Race: Hume Female


I dreamt that this was going to happen. Since I was a child that played on the streets of Bastok, I knew that I was going to grow up to be an adventurer. My mother thought that I would grow up to be like her, a great chef or even fulfill her dream of being a goldsmith. I was to become what she didn’t achieve to be. But that was her dream, not mine. My dream was to follow my father’s footsteps and travel far and wide to all of Vana’diel and become an Adventurer — perhaps also, to find him. However, being a lady in a distinguished family in Bastok, it was hard. For my family, it was unacceptable that Lady Scarlette of Elselandwyn would even touch a sword – to them, my father was a mistake that my mother had made when she was younger.

I was born into a prominent merchant family. Our business was to dig and sell ore. We hire the Galkans across the city to mine our ore for us in Zehrun Mines. We were one of the first families to dig Mythril and Darksteel Ore. I am ashamed of the fact that my family was one of those who were greedy enough to exploit the natural resource in Zehrun. I hate their discrimination for the Galkans – and the way they treat them as second- class citizens of the city. They tried to tell me that Galkans were dirty and evil. And as a child, they would scare me by telling me that Galkans eat people.

However, they didn’t faze me. I was not scared, but instead, I was fascinated by a Galkan’s strength. To me, they were symbols of strength that built Bastok and they should be revered. My fascination drove me into research – only to find that there were not 10 but 11 original miners that dug Parlborough Mines. Deeper research led me to the fact that there was a Galkan Iron Musketeer. It was then that I knew that it was the Galkans who were superior in this country.

I had Galkan friends, and many of them were kind. I found myself learning the basics of fighting from Mr. Boytz in the mines. He and Mr. Dalzaak trained me in the art of wielding a great axe. They told me of their adventures and made me dream of being an adventurer. They told me of lands that they have seen in their younger days. They had traveled to the Kingdom of San d’Oria, land of the Elvaan and The Federation of Windurst – the land of the Taru-tarus. I was excited to hear of goblins, I wanted to see the Siren Sands and ride a chocobo. Things that I was never meant to see or know in my sheltered life.

I trained every night, sneaking out and bribing my nannies. I killed bees and worms. I even hid out in Zehrun Mines, and killed bats. On my birthday at my coming of age, I was given the best birthday gift ever. Mr. Dalzaak had presented me an adventurer’s coupon and an old axe. He told me that it was time for me to live out my dream – and that he was proud that I had my father’s heart.

I asked him over and over what he meant and that if he knew my father. He smiled and shook his head. “Child, it is for you to discover and explore the world out there… maybe you can find those answers to your own questions.”

From that day on, I did live out my dream. I became an adventurer – everyday that I go out brings me a step closer to being the best. Maybe even a step closer to finding out mysteries that surround Bastok and Vana’diel — or even my own life…

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