Schafer: People Have to Take Responsibility for Their Words


Tim Schafer thinks that people should speak from that heart, whatever the consequences might be.

Double Fine founder and Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer alluded to his recent comments about Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, and said that people shouldn’t say anything that they aren’t prepared to take responsibility for.

Speaking at a publicity event for Double Fine’s latest game, Costume Quest, he said that it was easy to make idle conversation with someone and have an innocuous comment pulled out and made into a headline. He implied that media outlets were more willing to take things out of context to put a certain spin on a story and this was something you became more mindful of the longer you worked in the industry.

Schafer is unlikely to stop speaking his mind however, as he said that one of his goals was to make people realize that developers and publishers weren’t monolithic, singular entities, but rather actual people. “I think that people should know that games aren’t made by companies,” he said. They’re made by people who are just like them, and publishers are the same way – they’re just people who are looking to protect their investments.”

Costume Quest will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN later this Fall.

Source: Edge

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