Schwarzenegger: Video Games Are More Violent Than My New Movie


Arnold’s new movie about a DEA squad being viciously hunted following a drug cartel bust apparently has nothing on today’s video games.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is making the interview rounds ahead of the launch of his new movie, Sabotage, and has said that the violence in the film is nothing compared to modern video games.

“I think violence is political now: ‘maybe if there is no violence in movies, there will be no violence in the world.’ I don’t believe that. The video games our children play are much, much more violent than anything in this movie,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview with The Telegraph.

The movie features Schwarzenegger as the head of a DEA unit, whose family and colleagues become the target of vicious murders following a drug cartel bust. The movie is meant to be an homage to the films of directors like Sam Peckinpah, Brian De Palma and Walter Hill, “who made very brutal kind of masculine movies,” Schwarzenegger said. We’ve posted a trailer for you to draw your own conclusions as to where Arnold’s latest falls within the spectrum of media violence.

As pointed out by GamePolitics, the former Governator’s statements are especially ironic considering recent events in California, where Schwarzenegger served as governor from 2003 to 2011. In 2005, Schwarzenegger signed and endorsed anti-game legislation sponsored by none other than Senator Leland Yee, who earlier this week was arrested on corruption charges. Since then, Yee has been accused of gun-running, ties to Chinese gangs and business with Russian arms dealers.

Source: The Telegraph, via GamePolitics

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