Schwarzenegger’s Movie Kills Tallied in Epic Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger has pretend killed more than 500 people over the course of his movie career.

While we worry about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s continued insistence on being in movies and the chance that he might ruin films that already have dubious odds of success, there’s no denying that even in the twilight of his heyday the man was probably the best in the business when it came to pretend killing people. How good you ask? According to a recent YouTube video, from classics like Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator to more recent ventures like The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger’s film-based kill count includes 509 people, robots and aliens.

Said video, the creation of YouTuber Auralanuts, tallied these kills up in a half hour compilation that combines the actor’s decades of faux violence into a video that, quite frankly, is more than a bit glorious for those of us who grew up on Arnold’s films. It even goes so far as to give a final breakdown of all the deaths. Firearms, not surprisingly, rank at the top with 278 kills, with explosions coming in second (91) and blades coming in third (60).

Now, on some level we know we probably shouldn’t be celebrating such wanton slaughter, even in movies. That said, you can’t ignore that Schwarzenegger, despite being kind of a jerk in real life, is pretty much the biggest (and best dagnabbit!) action star to ever grace the silver screen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go relive my desensitized youth and watch Commando.

Source: YouTube

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