Sure, these books are brilliant, but it hurts just a little to realize that they’ll never make it to store shelves.

As the nerd generation is now old enough to have kids of its own, new parents might be wondering just what kind of books they should use to read their little tykes to sleep with. The folks at College Humor are clearly concerned about this issue, and have created a series of book covers that meld some of the most iconic children’s books with some of the most beloved sci-fi franchises.

While the book covers are clearly satirical, seeing franchises like Star Trek, Dune and Doctor Who combined with books like The Pokey Little Puppy, Goodnight Moon, and Oh, the Places You’ll Go is simultaneously adorable and thrilling. The Doctor Who cover, seen here, is my personal favorite.

The book covers are certainly clever and – more importantly – adorable. If someone ever manages to put some actual books out based on these ideas, I will buy every single one and read them to my godkids when I visit for the holidays.

Source: College Humor

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