A new chief operating officer has been named at SCi Entertainment Group, while the company’s stock price experiences a partial bounce-back following a precipitous drop earlier in the month.

Phil Rogers, recently appointed as CEO of the trouble company, has named ex-Funsoft CEO Jurgen Goeldner as the company’s interim COO, according to an MCV report. Goeldner is an industry veteran with over 25 years experience at Funsoft and THQ Germany. “Jurgen has a wealth of experience which will be invaluable to SCi in undertaking our business review and managing our operations more effectively,” Rogers said. “I am delighted that he is joining us as our interim chief operating officer.”

The move comes following the resignation on Friday of former CEO Jane Cavanagh, along with former executives Bill Ennis and Rob Murphy, who were pushed out over the collapse of takeover talks with other companies. The termination of negotiations led to a crash in the company’s share price, which dropped over 56 percent in one day. Stock prices have bounced back somewhat since the management shakeup, reaching as high as $1.43 on Friday before settling to $1.26 today, still significantly lower than its January 10 closing price of $2.64.

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