A shocking scientific study confirms what we all feared was true: “male science nerds” are least likely to get laid.

An Australian research project for the Sexual Health journal questioned students ages 16 to 25 about the activeness of their sex lives.

The saddening results found that “males in the study were less likely to have had sex as a group compared to the group of females in the sample.”

If you happen to be one of those fellows with an interest in biology or chemistry, then you too are “less likely to have had sex compared to their counterparts in other faculties.”

Researches were able to derive some social explanations for this phenomenon, such as the apparent tendency of partiers to engage in lovemaking activities. Psychotherapist Stephen Carroll believes the problem isn’t caused by any unattractiveness of nerds, but that their work habits were a detriment to their social lives.

Carroll asked, “Who are the people at unis that go to the rave parties and the bar? It’s not the nerdy boy science students. They’re carrying on doing their experiments, going to the library or doing their assignments.”

Dr. Chris Ganora, who was a local science student prior to graduating, disputed the claims. He remarked, “Although we may have been a little nerdier than the other students, let’s just say the gender ratio wasn’t as bad as engineering.”


Source: The Telegraph

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