Science Turns Paraplegic Into Walking Cyborg


A new exoskeleton system for people with physical disabilities is showing some pretty impressive results when it comes to helping them walk again.

Science is one step closer to creating a commercial device that will help disabled individuals walk under their own power. A new video has surfaced on the Web, showcasing the ReWalk system. The system is currently undergoing clinical testing, but it certainly looks impressive.

The man seen here in the video is Radi Kaiof, the first person to use the suit (which he started testing two years ago). Prior to using the ReWalk, Radi had been confined to a wheelchair for twenty years. Partway through the video, Kaiof explains that the ReWalk doesn’t just provide physical convenience; the payoff is emotional, too. “I feel normal, you know? I stand, and I feel tall. It’s fantastic for me.”

While it’s not exactly the most subtle outfit, the ReWalk seems to let people move at what appears to seem like a slightly slow, but regular, walking pace. On top of that, the battery (worn as a backpack) lasts for up to eight hours. There’s also a remote that users wear on their wrists to control different types of pre-programmed actions, like sitting or climbing stairs. However, it’s currently priced at $150,000, so it seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing a lot of people using the system in the streets anytime soon.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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