Scorn release date October 2022 trailer Ebb Software Microsoft PC Xbox Series X

Ebb Software’s Scorn will launch for PC and Xbox Series X | S with a release date in October 2022, as revealed in a short, eerie new trailer. The release date update comes a few months after the developer’s dark FPS was quietly pushed into 2022, giving patient fans a more concrete window to look forward to. The new footage mostly provides additional atmospheric visuals to feast over, but keeping in mind that the art style is a large part of the game’s appeal, it’s still a welcome treat. Watch your latest look at Scorn in the release date announcement trailer below.

Accompanying Scorn’s October release window is a lengthy Kickstarter update that fills in some of the gaps left by the delay. It includes an interview with Ebb’s lead 3D artist, Nikola Milicevic, and an update from CEO Ljubomir Peklar, who explains that Scorn is about three-quarters of the way finished:

December has been a pretty huge month for us at Ebb Software. Not only have we been able to share our new release date but we’ve also reached a significant milestone in our development – 75% content completion! I’d just like to give my deepest thanks to our community for your patience and our team here at Ebb who have been working incredibly hard to pull everything together.

Those who have been following Ebb’s brooding horror game are likely already aware that it has been in development for nearly a decade. So, more waiting is not only something fans are familiar with – it’s not much of a surprise either. Ebb seems to be keenly aware that transparency is vital at this stage, however, promising to keep everyone informed “at every step of the way” leading up to launch. The developer says fans can expect to see news, behind-the-scenes interviews, sneak peeks, and more general updates throughout the next year.


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