If you think shouting “Play my running mix” in a crowded street makes you look like a plonker, wait until you start shouting “flying polka-dotted giraffe.”

Assuming you have a fancy new iPhone, Scribblenauts Remix will now accept voice commands via the Siri voice recognition system, as the video to the right will attest.

They’ve essentially pulled the ‘scribble’ out of Scribblenauts, meaning you can now collect stars, or more accurately, organize a series of absurd fantasy deathmatches, using only your voice and your vocabulary. Unless you happen to be Scottish, in which case you’re out of luck.

The new update went live today, and the game currently costs $2.99 on the App store; which I’m sure is a great comfort to those of you who spent $40 on the original DS version.

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