Scribblenauts Getting UK-Specific Words


All you crazy Britons out there won’t have to bother with any incomprehensible American-isms when Scribblenauts hits UK shores next month, because 5th Cell is giving the word-centric game a full UK localization.

I don’t understand half the words in the following statement from a recent Scribblenauts press release:

“Do you know your eggplant from your aubergine? How about your binky from your dummy? You may think you know your pants from your trousers but if you find yourself in the US, you’d be going for a very different look…”

But that’s okay, because I will have an American version of 5th Cell’s word-centric puzzler Scribblenauts to play without any weird words I don’t know. UK customers of the game won’t have to suffer through any headaches, either, because 5th Cell is going the extra mile and giving the game a UK localization.

Seem a bit excessive that a game needs to be localized from the US to the UK? We do speak the same language, after all. Scribblenauts, however, operates on a mechanic where any kind of confusion thanks to words could mess up all the fun, though: players conjure objects by typing words into the game – basketball, God, UFO, for example – to solve puzzles.

“Faucets, popsicles, sidewalks, diapers and, of course, the meaning mess that is football and soccer, will confuse British DS owners no more,” 5th Cell wrote.

Considering that the Scribblenauts word database supposedly numbers in the tens of thousands, this must be a serious labor of love for 5th Cell. It’s not just that the dictionary is being tweaked for Americanisms, though: there will be new words specifically for the UK market as well. So you wacky kids can summon your spotted dicks all you want.

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