Marvel puts its most potentially-awkward conversation-piece right up front at SDCC.

Marvel Studios opened their SDCC panel by bringing the cast and crew of Ant-Man onstage to debut previously-unconfirmed character and story details before rolling out a brief teaser.

Among the confirmations: Paul Rudd is indeed playing Scott Lang, being trained by Michael Douglas’ older Hank Pym to take over as Ant-Man, who uses a special suit and helmet to change his size at will. Their nemesis will be Corey Stoll as Darren Cross, aka “Yellowjacket,” who in the comics was based on an alternate-identity of Pym’s and has similar powers. In addition, Evangeline Lily confirmed her role as Hope Pym/Van-Dyne, Douglas’ character’s daughter.

Peyton Reed will direct the film, which starts shooting on August 18th. The plot is described as a “heist movie,” and the film’s revised script (original writer/director Edgar Wright departed over creative differences) has not yet been completed — or at least not all the cast have seen it yet.

Because filming hasn’t started, the teaser didn’t show us any actual footage, instead showing us a set of Pym’s presumed lab with voiceover of Pym and Lang arguing. When Lang says he’s not interested in being a superhero, Pym laughs, saying “Superheroes? What a goddamn joke.” He goes on to reassure Lang that “it’s a small job.” The trailer then cuts to CGI footage of Lang as Ant-Man, attempting to make a getaway from a secure facility — and not quite having his new skillset down yet. Pym walks him through it with little patience and even less sympathy — simply telling Lang to jump from a high perch when he can’t get an ant to give him a ride.

Seeing the cast in action — even if it was just in voice action — paints a picture of an action flick that’s fast-paced and funny… but what else would you expect from Marvel Studios? The older, more cynical Pym provides a good balance to Lang, who — between the casting and the character itself — can be a more comic character.

Ant-Man will be hitting theaters on July 17th, 2015 — just in time for next year’s Comic-Con.


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