Secret Unlock Code For Rock Band 2 Revealed


Were you shocked to be blocked by the lock on the rock in Rock Band 2? Have no fear, a super-secret unlock code will have you wailing away on every track in the game in no time.

MTV Multiplayer says Harmonix has put “game modifiers” into Rock Band 2, allowing for bonus options like a “no-fail” mode and the ultra-secret code that unlocks every song in the game. Fortunately, MTV went one step further, revealing the uber-secret code to the entire world, and it turns out to be a little familiar: It’s the original Rock Band unlock code.

To enter the code, go to the game modifier screen and input Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. Once the code is properly entered, every song in the game will be unlocked and available to play, allowing gamers to tell the story of a club called The Shaking Hand, where one night there was a 92 decibel rocking band, who played the music good and they played it loud and then the singer turned and he said to the crowd,

“Let there be rock!”

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