Section 8: Prejudice Drops Later This Month


Section 8: Prejudice, the upcoming shooter with the great big guns and the little tiny price tag, will be out later this month for the Xbox 360, with PC and PlayStation 3 versions following soon after.

Section 8 wasn’t exactly a huge hit when it landed on the PC and consoles in 2009, but it’s getting a sequel anyway. The catch is that instead of being a big, beefy, triple-A release with a $60 price tag, the follow-up, Section 8: Prejudice, will be a big, beefy triple-A release with a $15 price tag. That’s the plan: a full-fledged shooter with all the trimmings for 1200 Microsoft points.

The game will feature a five-hour single-player campaign but is focused primarily on team-based multiplayer action, with support for 32 players in conventional combat and four players in a co-op “Swarm mode” described as “shooter gameplay meets tower defense.” Bots are available for quick offline action in all play modes, while dedicated servers, clan management tools and statistics are supported on all three platforms. Dynamic missions, customizable loadouts, level progression and unlockables are also on the menu.

As a thank-you to fans, developer TimeGate Studios is offering special, level-based content bonuses to players of the original Section 8. Anyone who played the first game [and is still using the same Gamertag or PSN ID] will be given the unlockable Aegis Armor and Reactive Plating upgrade; gamers who have achieved level 25 will also get the Ablative Plating upgrade; and those who have hit level 50 will earn the Explosives Amplifier upgrade.

Sound hot, or at least maybe worth the price of a decent lunch? Find out more about Section 8: Prejudice at Section 8: Prejudice arrives on the Xbox Live Arcade on April 20, followed by the PC version on Steam and the Games for Windows Marketplace on May 4. The PlayStation Network launch date hasn’t yet been nailed down but will come sometime in summer.

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