Section 8: Prejudice Drops Onto PSN from Space, New Maps on XBLA

TimeGate Studios announces PSN release date plus new content for XBLA and PC customers for its budget shooter.

Earlier this year, TimeGate Studios released a fleshed out sequel to its 2009 release Section 8 for only $15 in order to build a strong community, as design director Brett Norton told me. TimeGate is making good on its pledge to continue supporting Prejudice with a new map pack called “Frontier Colonies” available now on Xbox Live Arcade and July 27th on the PC, which adds “Desolation” and “Overseer” maps for 320 Microsoft points or around $3.99.

TimeGate also announced today that you will be able to buy Prejudice on the PlayStation Network on the 26th for $14.99 (€12.99) as well as some sweet rewards for not getting access as early as your Microsoft brethren. If you download it in the first week of release, you’ll get the Blitz Armor Pack and Overdrive Map Pack free of charge, and you might get even more if you act fast:

“The first 1000 PlayStation Plus subscribers to purchase Section 8: Prejudice will receive the exclusive in-game Hunter Armor as well as a free copy of the original Section 8.”

Section 8: Prejudice is that rare downloadable game at a budget price that offers just as much, if not more, than a standard $60 boxed game. I had a lot of fun with both the campaign and the multiplayer, not the least of which because you can set up bots to play against if you have a bad internet connection – or you don’t want to play against douches online.

The strategy of offering a title for a smaller amount of cash than the standard retail price of $60 and then supporting the community with tiny transactions seems to be paying off. Unlike other gamers, I have no problems with microtransactions as long as the product being offered is exceptional.

Source: PSBlog

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