It’s hard sharing custody of a teen, and pushy boyfriends don’t help. Spoilers ahoy!

Michael Shanks of Doomsday Arcade fame is a Melbourne-based Kiwi with an eye for reality show comedy, and this time out he takes a shot at Irrational’s BioShock Infinite. It can’t be easy raising a teenager, not with daddy issues like these, and the boyfriend doesn’t help, never mind sharing custody with her batty other dad Comstock. Booker manages to get through the day with a little help from the cancer sticks, and his buddy Bill; but does he miss Columbia? Well, see for yourself.

Shanks is one of the members of Late Nite Films, an Australian independent film making collective, and he’s been putting out gaming videos for a short while now. How does he play Skyrim? What would he do with a Portal Gun? What’s his take on death and Zelda? This time out Troy Baker – the voice of Booker – and Ken Levine had to tip a hat to Shanks’ BioShock shoot; high praise!

For those who enjoy behind the scenes stuff, Shanks’ Facebook is well worth a look. For a man who says he’s “very uneasy about self promoting himself on the internet,” Shanks does a pretty good job of it; but then, work like this is worth promoting.

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