My German retail friends: maybe putting the PS4s up at the top of the stairs was a bad idea.

They say it sounds better in French, but the German narrator of this Media Markt PS4 launch video is oddly soothing. It’s like the beginning of a Brothers Grimm story, just before the cannibal witches show up and start baking children. The PS4 launched slightly later in Europe than in North America, and as you can see the PS4 has one or two fans desperate to get their hands on the latest gear.

Kudos to the silver-haired grandfather who managed to get to the escalator at about 1.24; it was beginning to look like that point in the nature video where the gazelle meets the lions for the last time. Speaking as someone who worked in retail, given the choice I’m not sure I’d have put my PS4 supply at the top of any stairs. It just seems like a decision tinged with potential tragedy.

Media Markt is one of the largest electronic goods retail chains in Europe, and is the second largest in the world, after Best Buy. It has as its slogan Ich bin doch nicht blöd, which translates as I am not stupid. No, definitely not; manic, possibly, but not stupid, no sir!

Source: Majin Dub YouTube

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