See How to Conquer Contradiction With the In-Game Cheat System

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Get answers to your burning Contradiction questions with the cheats system. Don’t know how to use it? Didn’t even know it exists? It does, and if you’re ever stuck in this tough puzzler, the cheat system has the solutions you’ll need.

Like an FMV Phoenix Wright, Contradiction is all about spotting lies and refuting those lies with evidence. Getting through each hour of the day requires careful investigation and questioning to put the fractured picture whole again. But, if you’re really stuck with no way to progress, and don’t care about losing a few Steam achievements, you can use the in-game cheat system. Learn how to make it work with the quick instructions below.

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How to Use the Cheat System

Contradiction is full of helpful hints to make progression through its many mysteries a smooth affair. But, there’s one extra system that many players are missing. If you’re well-and-truly stuck and hints aren’t enough, detectives can get answers through the strange cheat system.

The cheat system is so ubiquitous, it’s attached to half the Steam achievements available. Still, it isn’t entirely obvious to access. If you’re looking for help and don’t want spoilers, try following the steps below to get the answers you need.

  • 1. To access the cheat system, first call the Police Chief. Then enter the Menu and playback phone conversations with the Chief.
  • 2. Press the ‘A’ button and listen to the Chief. Do it several times over — listening to the same call over and over eventually leads to a new hint.
  • 3. This is the cheat system. Keep pressing the button and the Chief will flat-out tell you what your detective needs to do, making it very obvious what needs to be done on your particular challenge.

That’s how the cheat system works. Don’t go and use this to solve everything, that’d ruin the fun. Not only that, but you’ll lose Steam achievements attached to every hour of the day you complete. Basically, weigh your investment in the game before getting the easy answer. The solution is always available!

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