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Prepare for the zombie apocalypse in Goat Simulator with a wacky assortment of crafted weapons. Find every recipe material with this GoatZ locations guide.

Like any good survival game, there’s crafting to be had in the gonzo undead spin-off add-on to the irreverently popular Goat Simulator. Instead of practical melee weapons, your Goat can construct gumball shotguns and chemical gatling guns to mow down hordes of the shambling menace. Learn where to find every crafting part in the complete guide below.

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Weapon Crafting & Recipes Guide

There are three crafting locations spread across the GoatZ map, but to earn “The Goa’th Amendment” you’ll need to use the crafting spot near the spawn point.

The first crafting station area has blueprints showing every crafting recipe available. It doesn’t say where to find these rare materials. Check out the list below for specific locations.

Crafting Materials Locations

Every weapon has two required components found somewhere in the environment. Drag the parts onto the crafting station to create each weapon.

Antiquer: Launches explosive bags of flour.

  • Flour Bag: Check the yard behind CoffeeStain Studios. Flour is often found near military crate drops, too.
  • Mousetrap: Found right near the Police Station’s front entrance.

Gumshot: Shotgun that fires gumballs.

  • Gumball Machine: In the corner of the crafting station garage located next to the GoatZ map spawn area.
  • Beer Hose: Found in the backyard birthday party table behind the spawn area crafting station garage’s house.

Heartbreaker: Bow and arrow that turns zombies into hearts.

  • Stick Doll: Found in the rest area of the director’s booth in Conrad’s studio.
  • Wedding Cake: Enter the mall and look in the kitchen of the coffee shop to the left.

Mind Controller: Cures zombies and transforms them back into regular humans.

  • Crystal Ball: Go to the circus and take the ball from the fortune teller’s table.
  • Boombox: Check inside the red CoffeeStain Studios house located in the spawn area safe zone. There’s one on a table in the second floor office.

Minifun: Machinegun that fires green droplets.

  • Green Vial: Check behind the tiki bar counter on the beach.
  • Toy Minigun: On the table next to the spawn area crafting station.

Achievement Unlocked

  • The Goa’th Amendment:
    Craft every weapon.

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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