See How to Get the ‘Good Ending’ in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

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Free the children and unlock the ‘good’ ending to Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Surviving five nights isn’t good enough. Completing your work week normally just leads to a bad end — to get the real ending, you’ve got some work to do. There are four hidden crying children in four old-school arcade games, accessed by clicking posts or putting in special codes. How anyone figured this all out is beyond me, but the FNAF community are absolutely voracious. Keep scrolling to see what it takes to earn the best ending.

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How to Get the Good Ending

To get the “Good Ending” in FNAF3 the player needs to enter four minigames in a specific order and ‘save’ gray children or complete hidden challenges. The secret minigames are only available on specific nights.

Progress only restarts when restarting the full game, so if you’re killed during progress and restart the night, you can continue on as normal. Children do no need to be ‘saved’ from their minigames a second time if you die during the following night.

The pattern changes on the last night — you might need to complete the minigame again after dying.

Follow the steps below to free the possessed children and get the true ending to FNAF3.

Step 1: BB’s Adventure – Night 1/Night 2

    How to Enter the Minigame: Open Cam 08 and double-click on the Balloon Boy poster.

In the minigame, jump to the third platform along the left wall of the room. Keep jumping into the wall until you phase through it and fall.

Once you land, go right and jump in to grab a unique colorful balloon. Taking this secret balloon activates new platforms in the rest of the minigames required to get the good ending.

Step 2: Mangle’s Quest – Night 2

    How to Enter the Minigame: Open Cam 07 and press the buttons on the Arcade Machine in order; upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right.

Once you appear in Mangle’s Quest, travel to the exit of the stage. Jump to the platform above the door and clip through the wall.

After falling down, go left. If you collected the secret balloon, platform should appear here. Continue along the path to reach a special cake. With the cake, you can now give it to the four crying gray children we’ll find in the next steps.

Step 3: BB’s Adventure – Night 2/ Night 3

    How to Enter the Minigame: Click the Balloon Boy poster on Cam 08 twice, just like before.

Return to Balloon Boy’s Adventure — do so after getting the special balloon with BB, and getting the hidden cake in Mangle’s Quest.

Use the new platforms that appear here to travel right and touch the gray child. A cake will appear over his head and the child’s sprite will visibly react.

Step 4: Chica’s Party – Night 3

    How to Enter the Minigame: Click on the cupcake visible through the CAM 02, CAM 03, CAM 04, and CAM 06 feeds.

To find the second crying gray child, don’t bother picking up cupcakes and drop through the hole in the second room. Stand on the highest platform here and clip through the wall on the left.

You’ll drop to new platforms that eventually lead to the second crying child. Touch his sprite to make the cake appear.

Step 5: Golden Freddy’s Game – Night 4

    How to Enter the Minigame: This is the hardest minigame to enter. In your office, between your desk and the crate of masks, is a 3×3 grid of tiles. Press the tiles in this order: top-right, bottom-right, center, top-center, left-center, bottom-center.

To solve this maze-like minigame, clip through the wall to the left right as the game begins. Then follow these directions: down, down (bottom), right, right, up and left, up, up (top), and right. Clip through this wall too to find the third crying gray child.

Step 6: Shadow Bonnie’s Stage – Night 5

    How to Enter the Minigame: Click the Bonnie doll on your office desk, on the far-right. It’s very hard to see.

In the game, press [S] to phase into different areas. Press it rapidly while clipping through the left wall to enter a strange glitchy purple room.

The gray child is in the lower left corner here. Fly down and give him the cake — that’s the last crying child. The good ending is almost here now.

Step 7: Marionette’s Best Day – Night 5

    How to Enter the Minigame: Click the Marionette face visible through the CAM 03 feed.

After saving all four children, enter the Marionette minigame. Instead of playing it, a special event will play out. Witnessing that, the good ending should now be unlocked.

Finish the rest of Night 5 without starting over the day and you’ll get the good ending.

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