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It isn’t enough to just survive the trek to the bottom floor of SKYHILL — if you’re looking for answers and want to earn an alternate ending to this survival-horror point-and-click adventure, then look no further.

Riding out the apocalypse in a posh penthouse apartment sounds pretty great, until the food runs out. Then it’s all about survival as your protagonist treks down a skyscraper infested with mutated creatures. Fight monsters, scavenge for supplies and craft gear to carefully breach the bottom floor of SKYHILL. Even if you’ve managed to escape, there are still lingering questions that need answers. Learn a little bit more about the apocalypse and these experiments with this secret ending info.

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Secret Ending Guide

Earning the secret ending Steam achievement takes time, effort, and a careful eye for passwords.

Because so much of Skyhill is randomly generated, we can’t go into extreme detail where to find each code, but we can tell you what these codes are. Yes, the login and passwords are always the same.

How to Get the Secret Ending

Naturally, you’ll need to reach the 1st Floor. We recommend going for the regular ending, then stopping at the 1st Floor before escaping the building.

  • 1. On the first floor, look for an active computer. Access the file called for more information. Type the file name into an internet browser to check out a real website.
  • 2. The website is locked and requires the correct login and password. Both can be found while exploring the floors of SKYHILL. Input to access the mv-17 website:
    • L: AMADEUS5
    • P: ShATTEREDRealitY
  • 3. When logged in, access project file B1G-83-0310M4. At the bottom of the file, you’ll find an important password.
    • Access Code: mr.wgmthooh
  • 4. Input this last password into the in-game computer with the “” document. You’ll get another screen of experimental information.
  • 5. Now that you’ve unlocked more backstory, the Secret Ending is available. Leave the building to complete the game and enjoy this alternate end.

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