See How to Reset Ability Points in The Witcher 3 With This Potion

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Try out different skills and builds in The Witcher 3 with rare respec potions. Browse the guide here to see where to find one.

There are so many skills to increase and unlock in The Wild Hunt it’s tough to try them all, especially early in Geralt’s adventure. If your current build isn’t working out, or you want to focus on a different magical sign or alchemy concoction, you’ll need a Potion of Clearance. These valuable and rare items reset ability points when consumed, but they’re not so easy to find.

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How to Respec Ability Points

To reset your ability points and reallocate them as you see fit, Geralt of Rivia needs a very special potion only sold at one location early in the adventure.

After completing the White Orchard tutorial area and reaching Velen, Geralt will have the option to take on two quests — meet the Bloody Baron or pursue a local witch.

Take the “Hunting a Witch” quest and Geralt will run into his old friend Kiera Metz. Complete her quest and she’ll appear in her Velen home and offer to sell Geralt special goods.

Get a look at her wares and scroll down to the potion in the bottom-right corner of the menu. The “Potion of Clearance” will reset Geralt’s current stock of used ability points and giving them back to be reallocated after it is consumed.

Like most shops, Kiera’s stock will replenish after 1-5 days have passed. Keep checking back to find another respec potion later in Geralt’s career.

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