If you ever wanted to see The Legend of Zelda running in Unreal Engine 4, this new tech demo makes your dream come true.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time routinely shows up on lists of the best games of all time, but you’ve never seen it look like this. YouTube user CryZENx is apparently working to bring the Nintendo classic into Unreal Engine 4, and the channel has the videos to prove it.

The most impressive of these is the one featuring Hyrule Field (the demo can be downloaded here), which will be immediately recognizable to fans of the game. In the video below, you can see that Link is running around, executing his familiar moves, and looking pretty darn spiffy while he’s doing it.

CryZENx also has a Patreon page that includes more videos and links to download other demos, including Kakariko Village and Goron City. You can also find those download links in the descriptions of the YouTube videos.

It’s hard to say just how Nintendo might feel about this project, especially considering its history of being less than friendly to fan-made projects. It wouldn’t surprise me if the company swooped in and shut this down. That said, it’s still going now, and looks pretty cool so far, so fans of Zelda should probably at least watch the video.

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