Sure, geek films like Tron: Legacy or Harry Potter didn’t get an Oscar nod but at least we can pretend the Best Picture noms are nerdy with these Lego representations.

It’s one of the axioms of the known universe: everything is better when it’s rendered in Legos. Take the various Star Wars scenes depicted in Lego form, the V2 Gundam forged in little plastic bricks or an engineer recreating an ancient Greek computer for us all to study and/or gawk over. It made perfect sense then for Alex Eylar, a Lego artist and fan of the cinema, to render each of the Academy’s ten nominees for Best Picture for 2010 into a single scene using only Lego parts and healthy dose of artistry.

My favorite shot is definitely the one showing James Franco from 127 Hours, pictured to the right. The others are easily recognizable, but I feel like that one encapsulates the whole movie better than the others. The one-eyed Jeff Bridges is pretty good too.

Head over to Defamer to take a look at the rest of the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments here.

Source: Gawker

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