See Paul Giamatti Steal Plutonium In This Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clip


Who wants to bet Amazing Spider Man 3 takes place in a radiation sickness treatment center?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 really, really wants us to like it. Already, something like the 400 clips have been distributed, all of them doing their damndest to show us that this thing is more than just a blatant ploy by Sony to ensure that the rights to the webslinger never revert back to Marvel. Look! Electro! Look! Quippy Spider-Man! Look! A lightly less absurdly terrible Green Goblin costume! (Just kidding, that thing is fugly.)

Will it work? Well kind of. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is guaranteed to do brisk business, even if it doesn’t reach the heights of Marvel’s string of successes. And, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Andrew Garfield is great casting. So even if I’m having trouble not feeling skeptical about this movie, I’m finding myself looking forward despite misgivings.

Take today’s brand new clip for example. Taken from the beginning of the film and featuring Paul Giamatti’s Rhino hijacking a truck filled with plutonium, it gives us a taste of the sarcastic Spider-Man of the comics who uses humor as a defense mechanism and appears half the time to be basically winging it. That’s great, especially since this film is only (supposedly) briefly setting up the Rhino in the beginning for use in a future film. I especially like that Spidey is barely keeping it together balancing rods of deadly plutonium, even if I have to make myself forget that in real life, those rods, even shielded, would basically mean that Spider-Man 3 takes place in the cancer ward of whichever hospital Spider-Man’s insurance will cover.

Yeah, Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not likely to be much better than the first film, and it’s definitely not going to make us forget its existence is what’s keeping Spider-Man from ever appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Seriously, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like having to pretend a movie super hero is the only super hero in the entire world, period.) But props to Sony’s marketing team, because I’m going to end up seeing it despite my better judgment. Even if it’s just because I’m hoping Rhino delivers an epic tirade about how much merlot sucks.

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