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See what Plants vs. Zombies looks like in Dying Light with this awesome Easter egg map, pitting fighting plants against the game’s less-cartoonish revenants.

This isn’t the first time Plants vs. Zombies has appeared in more ‘realistic’ zombie media. State of Decay has its own homage in the backyard of an early suburban house. The fantasy fields of Dragon Age: Inquisition have rows of plants defending against walking corpses. Eagle-eyed military shooter enthusiasts can even find an iconic pea-shooter in Battlefield 4. Now Dying Light can join the long list, except their’s almost functions — in a weird sort of way.

Uncover the secret area by interacting with a hidden flower and see the brain smashing undead action in the location guide below.

Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg Guide

Watch as zombies do battle with plants in fully realized semi-realistic 3D in the Plants vs. Zombies Easter egg.

How to Find the Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg

To find it, reach the Antenna mission map. It can be accessed from the Slums — travel to the far northeastern safe house and look in the tunnels for a door leading inside.

This area is explored during the quest “Broadcast” where you’ll need to explore a tall red antennae tower.

Where to Go on the Broadcast Map

  • Climb to the very top of the tower where there are four zip-lines. Take the zip-line northeast to land on the grassy rocks near the water.
  • At the bottom, move forward and jump onto a second zip-line. Ride it into the rocky canyon.
  • Stick to the right-wall and navigate forward around the corner. There’s a dead end as the rock wall pivots right. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything here.
  • But look carefully — there’s an orange plant on the rocks below the traversable ledge. Slide down then use the plant and you’ll instantly port into the Plants vs. Zombies map.

Inside the Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg

Dying Light Plants vs Zombies EE

Just like PopCap’s successful tower defense game, you’ll see angry zombies moving down a linear yard protected by plants. They might just look like regular, boring plants, but they fight back!

If you’re feeling helpful, you can even jump down and fight against the undead hordes. Multiple types of unique zombies appear here, including zombies with buckets on their heads, and tiny zombies.

The zombies don’t spawn forever. Clear the area and collect the loot, but there’s nothing particularly good here. This is all about the spectacle.

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