See Robotoki’s Robert Bowling Stop Burglars In Their Tracks


Unfortunately for the burglars, Bowling works late. Fortunately for Bowling, the burglars weren’t armed.

It’s been an exciting night for Robotoki’s Robert Bowling. Two burglars smashed their way in through Robotoki’s glass front door, but Bowling works late, and caught them in the act. The door is the only casualty of the encounter.

The last time Robotoki got into any trouble remotely like this, it was because some unnamed loon pressed a panic button and almost got the LAPD, guns drawn, into a shootout with a life size statue of Call of Duty‘s Ghost. Looks as though that panic button was a good investment after all.

Robotoki’s best known for its Human Element zombie apocalypse survival horror game for Ouya, currently scheduled for a 2015 release.

Source: Robert Bowling Twitter

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