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Blood Dragon returns to the Far Cry franchise in Ubisoft’s latest open-world wilderness adventure. Located deep in the ancient caves of Far Cry Primal there is hidden a taste of a future fans know all too well.

Far Cry Primal brings the series back to a time before guns and explosives. You’ll still have a demented warlord of two to deal with, though, along with an ecosystem full of old world predators. Changing things up, you’ll get a chance to tame the biggest, baddest beasts or lure enemies into a animal ambush. Unfortunately, the Blood Dragons aren’t included. All you get is a look.

Learn more about the prehistoric first-person action with The Escapist preview for Far Cry Primal, where we explain what sets this entry to the franchise apart from the rest.

Blood Dragon Easter Egg – Mark 4 Wenja Trophy / Achievement

To find the Blood Dragon Easter egg, travel to the eastern side of the mountain pass in the northern section of the map. If you’ve reached this area, there should be a convenient fast-travel marker here.

The mountain path located in the snowy northern section is near the secret cave location. The Easter egg cave is marked with a “?” symbol on the map.

Fast travel to the marked narrow path, then move north to where the river’s starting point is located. You’ll need to walk up a hill, the river flows from the Easter egg cave and forms into a waterfall, making it easy to spot. Just get to the top of the waterfall.

The winding cave path leads to an impressive interior view; you’ll find a large T-Rex-like skeleton standing over a clutch of glowing purple eggs. An achievement / trophy will unlock once you get a good look.

If you’re not already familiar with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon you might be confused by this strange addition. Check out the following section for all the details on one of the standout entries in the Far Cry series.

Blood Dragon Easter Egg Info

The purple skull is a reference to the futuristic, crazy, and totally ridiculous stand-alone add-on to Far Cry 3 called Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

Instead of a dour story about succumbing to blood lust on a strange island, Blood Dragon revels in succumbing to blood lust. Your armored cyborg protagonist wields over-powered weapons and explores areas light only in neon. It’s the first hint that the series might go in stranger directions.

Primal, in some ways, seems to be a sequel to Blood Dragon with it’s sudden shift in location and style. The Blood Dragon experiment worked wonders to inject humor and fun into the Far Cry franchise, and Ubisoft wants to recapture the magic in Primal. Hence, there’s a cool dinosaur skull.

The titular Blood Dragons are giant T-Rex-style lizards that stomp all over your enemies, or work against you with lazer-beam breath and a quick pace. The purple skeleton is a reference to these lumbering beasts, along with the swarm of eggs that mark their nests.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Mark 4 Wenja: Discover the future past.

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