See WoW in 3D at PAX East


If you’re going to PAX East, you have something else to look forward to other than chilling with Escapist staff: Blizzard will be there helping Nvidia show off its 3D gaming technology with its juggernaut MMOG.

There are plenty of reasons to be looking forward to PAX East: It’s the biggest gaming carnivale to be held on the East Coast (and hopefully a harbinger of things to come), a bunch of awesome people are going to be there from The Escapist, and you’ll get to check out the latest and greatest games, many of which aren’t even out yet.

But now there’s another reason: According to Blizzard community rep Bashiok, the popular PC developer will be at the show to demo StarCraft II and help Nvidia promote its 3D Vision technology. Interestingly enough, Nvidia’s game of choice to demo its 3D technology is WoW, which raises some questions: Why use a six-year-old game with visibly aged graphics as opposed to something new and shiny? Is it just for consistency’s sake? Is it because more gamers are likely to be familiar with it?

Whatever the case, it sounds like Nvidia will also be doing a “world’s first 3D Theatre presentation on an 80 foot screen” on Friday, and I can only hope that’ll also be with WoW. I mean, think about it: WoW, in 3D, on an 80-foot screen? Where else are you ever going to see that again?!

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