Sega Acquires Puzzle Pirates & Doctor Who MMO Developer


Three Rings Design joins the Sega “family” of development studios.

News Flash! Online games sell like electronic hotcakes! While that may seem like old news, the venerable videogame publisher Sega is finally diversifying into the massively multiplayer space with its acquisition of Three Rings Design. The San Francisco-based studio is most famous for the family-friendly MMO Puzzle Pirates and last year’s critical success Spiral Knights – winner of 2011 Game Developers Choice Online Award for Best Online Game. Three Rings is also developing an MMO based on Doctor Who, all of which makes the studio an attractive property for Sega .

“We knew from the first time we saw Spiral Knights that the team at Three Rings was not simply talented but truly unique, and the close bond we have formed with them over the past year has only solidified that impression,” said Haruki Satomi from Sega. “We are proud to welcome them as the newest member of the Sega family, and look forward to seeing what great things we can create together over the coming years.”

For Three Rings CEO Daniel James, it is exciting to be a part of Sega’s portfolio. “We are very fortunate to have found a company like Sega that both respects our identity and shares our passion for developing engaging and quality games,” he said. “We are honored to be joining such a legendary team and look forward to collaborating on amazing ideas together.”

The influx in publisher cash probably doesn’t hurt, either, I’m sure. Joking aside, I think that this is a great deal for both companies. Sega gets a premiere family-friendly MMO studio to join its other subsidiaries Creative Assembly (Total War) and Sports Interactive (Football Manager). Three Rings no longer has to worry about a lack of resources as it takes on more and more ambitious projects. I call that a win-win.

Now, let’s hope the Doctor Who game doesn’t end up like Shadow the Hedgehog.

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