Sega Announces New DLC for Valkyria Chronicles


Despite its status as the most criminally overlooked game of 2008, Sega isn’t giving up on Valkyria Chronicles. In fact, the publisher just announced an upcoming downloadable add-on for the cult favorite.

Of course, by “announced,” I mean “said the bare minimum necessary to qualify a statement as an ‘announcement’ before leaving us all to wonder if we missed some crucial detail.”

Have a look at the sum total of Sega’s “announcement:”

Today, Sega announces new downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. ‘Challenges from Team Edy’ will test your strategy skills in all new missions! The DLC content will be available Winter 2010.

Ok, so we have a vague release window, a pluralization of the word “missions” which insinuates that there will be more than one, and a nebulous title that offers no hint of what this new content might include.

When contacted for comment, a Sega of America representative assured me that there are “more details to come soon,” so hopefully the publisher will fill in some of the more crucial blanks (like how much the DLC will cost, for instance).

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