Sega has revealed the development of a new Alien game that’ll possibly make players scream in terror just like Dead Space.

Sega has confirmed a brand new Alien game in development that may be inspired by the Dead Space series. The project is different from Aliens: Colonial Marines, a shooter in the works at Gearbox Software.

The currently untitled Alien game is being developed by Creative Assembly, known for long-running strategy series Total War. Sega of America president Mike Hayes told CVG: “This is very much a triple-A project. We want this to be a peer to the likes of Dead Space 2.”

However, Sega didn’t mention the genre of the game. The mix of Creative Assembly with the mention of Dead Space is curious, considering the highly strategic nature of the studio and the third-person combat of Dead Space. If it was a strategy game, wouldn’t Sega have mentioned something like StarCraft II instead of Dead Space 2?

The game is coming to consoles, but no specific platform was mentioned either. All we know is that the project’s creative director Mike Simpson was told to “win awards,” and that Creative Assembly is going on a hiring binge to ramp up production.

Games based on the Alien movies have been hit-or-miss over their lifespan, with the latest Aliens vs. Predator title getting mixed reviews. If you ask me, Creative Assembly should just put together another Aliens vs. Predator side-scrolling brawler, like Capcom’s from 1994, and rake in the dough. When we have more information on this mysterious Aliens title, we’ll get it to you.

*Update*: Creative Assembly has officially announced the game, but with few extra details. It’ll be a “console core game,” and Creative Assembly is opening a brand new 10,000 square foot studio to develop it. Genre-wise, this could hint toward an broadening of Creative Assembly’s horizons

Source: CVG, Gamasutra

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