A countdown to something.

On Saturday – April Fool’s Day, also known as The Day People Finally Question What They Read On The Internet – Sega released 8-Bit Bayonetta on Steam. You can jump, jump more, and shoot your weapon – and best of all, it was free to play. Which is good, because it really isn’t worth any money.

However, the game ended up leading to a countdown for something Bayonetta-related, but that’s not the big story – the story is that the countdown is still going, and since we’re officially in the April Fool’s clear, that means that maybe this isn’t a joke after all.

bayonetta countdown

Could it be a PC port? A new Bayonetta? Or maybe it’s the single cruelest April Fool’s joke since that live action Legend of Zelda movie that tragically still isn’t being made. I’m still not over that by the way, IGN.

Anyway, there’s no point in speculating – we’ll have our answer next week. Until then, you can always jump and shoot things for free on Steam.

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