Sega Pledges to Not Make More Crappy Games From Classic IPs


In an attempt to increase its popularity with PS3 and 360 owners, Sega needs to commit to ensuring that its classic IP doesn’t turn into any more sub-par modern games, says the company’s Western boss Mike Hayes.

When it comes to fond memories of old-school gaming, Sega’s classic series like Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog are right up there in the minds of many gamers. It’s no secret that their recent incarnations may not have been quite up to snuff, though, and that’s something that Sega’s Mike Hayes – boss of Sega’s efforts in Europe and North America – isn’t cool with.

Speaking with CVG, Hayes said that it was important for the company not to allow its classic IPs to suffer in sub-par games:

It’s important that on our old IP that is respected, we need to deliver a good product. And in some instances we have done that – look back at when we re-did Sega Rally. It scored well and was moderately successful commercially. But then with other great franchises like Golden Axe we didn’t produce a great game at all.

Going forward, if we’re going to look at any existing IP to bring out the locker, we have to make sure we get the quality to a level we now expect. I’m not saying which IP it would be – a Streets Of Rage, a Crazy Taxi, whatever. What we have to do now is build something that is 85 per cent plus [rated]. We can’t just get away with PR.

This is especially true as the company tries to endear itself to PS3 and 360 owners after an attempt to court “hardcore” Wii buyers that wasn’t all that successful. Hayes pointed to the company’s early success in 2010 with Aliens vs. Predator and Bayonetta as indication that Sega was making headroads into the install base of the two “HD” consoles.

I don’t know about any of that, but I do know that at some point in the above quote, Mr. Hayes said the phrases “Streets of Rage” and “bring out of the locker,” which I’m now going to arbitrarily put together and hold as gospel truth: Hey guys, did you hear?! They’re bringing back Streets of Rage!

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