Sega may know Blast Processing, but based on this new video it has no idea what the word “subtlety” means.

The video embedded at right appeared a short time ago courtesy Sega. It’s short, so hit “play”and we’ll rejoin the conversation after.

Done? Alright, so you’re clear on what you just saw right? Based on all of the imagery, the fact that it came from Sega, and the Disney copyright notification toward the end, that video is almost definitely a teaser for the upcoming Castle of Illusion sequel/remake/whatever. We don’t actually know anything about the game’s content, but, well, you saw that video. Is there any real doubt?

The biggest question now concerns what form this new title will take. We’d be quite excited for a modern 2D platformer on the 3DS, Vita, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, but it would make more financial sense for Sega to target mass market Nintendo devices so as to maximize profits by tapping the stereotypically young audience attracted by the Big N and exploited by Disney since the beginning of time. Thus, if it turns out that Castle of Illusion is exclusive to the Wii U (or *gasp* the Wii), we wouldn’t be terribly stunned.

Oh, and in case you were born in the 90s, here’s a quick primer on why you should care about any of this: Though the original Castle of Illusion was a licensed property (which is usually a very bad sign) it was so meticulously well crafted and featured such amazing animation that for quite some time it allowed Mickey Mouse to rival Sonic the Hedgehog as the Sega Genesis’ top anthropomorphic rodent. The more recent Epic Mickey games lifted liberal cues from Castle of Illusion, though neither of those games lived up to the legacy of their would-be predecessor.

Source: YouTube

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