Sega is planning on re-releasing classic Dreamcast games on PSN and XBLA, but older titles from its Saturn system might not be far behind.

Earlier this month, we learned that Sega was planning on bringing some of its most beloved games to modern DLC networks. While the only titles that have been mentioned thus far are Dreamcast games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi, Sega might be delving a bit deeper into its archives before too long.

Speaking with GAME Watch (via Andriasang), Sega’s retro master Yosuke Okunari – the producer of the Dreamcast re-releases and the PS2 Sega Ages collections – talked about the possibility of doing the same to its Saturn titles.

The problem, according to Okunari, is the Saturn wasn’t quite as popular as its predecessor Genesis or its successor Dreamcast. “When you look globally, the Genesis and Dreamcast are well known, but Saturn is unknown. During that period, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were a success overseas, but to be honest Saturn was not a success. Because of this, we decided on Dreamcast,” he said.

Still, he said that Saturn re-releases were certainly an option. “What we announced this time is a project where we will have consecutive releases of titles that were debuted on Dreamcast,” Okunari explained. “Separate from this, we’re of course thinking about ports of Saturn games. It’s the same as how Sega Ages and Virtual Console were separate existences. It’s not that we have no intention of porting Saturn titles, so please share your requests.”

So, just because Sega is focusing on Dreamcast titles right now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on behind the scenes to do the same to beloved Saturn titles. Why, Segata Sanshiro could be on his way to bludgeon the Xbox 360 and PS3 into submission until they play Saturn titles out of fear right now!

Incidentally, as pointed out by the game’s fans, cult classic NiGHTS into Dreams turns 15 this year. What a good time for a remake, huh?

(via Joystiq)

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