Senator Franken says net neutrality “is the free speech issue of our time.”

Senator Al Franken is not a fan of the FCC’s new “Fast Lane” policy, and he’s taken to YouTube to get you on the net neutrality train.

In conjunction with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Franken has taken to the camera to declare, in no uncertain terms, that the FCC’s new “fast lane” policy (which allows large content-creating corporations to pay large telecommunications providers large sums of money for faster broadband throughput) is not in the best interest of the American taxpayers.

“We cannot allow the FCC to implement a pay-to-play system that silences our voices, and amplifies that of big corporate interests,” Franken says. “We’ve come to a crossroads. Now is the time to rise up and make our voices heard to preserve net neutrality. We paid for a free and open Internet. We can’t let it be taken away. We have to win this [fight], and we have to win this now.”

Dramatic? A little, perhaps, but Senator Franken is not one to tolerate trampling of the Internet. He’s still trying to kill the TWC-Comcast merger, after all.

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