Sensible World of Soccer, just released on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, has been pulled due to a show-stopping bug.

The game was made available along with the arcade classic Tempest last Wednesday, and was billed as “the game that inspired a generation” by the PR firm handling the announcement of the release.

The game suffers from a bug that disconnects players as soon as they sign into Microsoft’s pay-to-play online service, Live, sparking a bevy of complaints on the community forums of the game’s developer, Codemasters.

A Codemasters representative there confirmed the issue and apologized.

“Just to confirm both ourselves and Microsoft are looking into this at the moment. As soon as I have an update on this I will let you know. I’m sorry for this, but Microsoft are investigating this heavily,” the post read.

The game has been pulled as a result of the flaw, and there’s no timetable yet for a fix.


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