Conventry University’s Serious Games Institute has been praised by Lord Drayson, the UK Minister for Science and Innovation.

The Serious Games Institute, opened in 2007, works on using game technology for purposes other than entertainment, such as social networking, team-building and simulation.

Lord Drayson joined the Vice-Chancellor of Conventry University, Professor Madeleine Atkins to tour the £3 million facility and take a look at the various projects the Institute is working on, including games that train doctors how to handle triage and serious injury trauma and a full virtual mock up of the proposed new, eco-friendly Coventry city center.

Lord Drayson said of the institute, “The Serious Games Institute is leading the way in this exciting emerging technology. The projects here are truly inspirational and crucially, underpinned by excellent research. They will have real impact in our everyday lives over the next few years.”

“This work goes to show that science and technology is all around us. By studying science subjects at school young people could have access to all sorts of cool and interesting jobs,” he continued.

David Wortley, Director of the Serious Games Institute, was hopeful that the their work would help dispel some of the social stigma around videogames: “There is a perception that computer games and virtual worlds have negative social implications, but as Lord Drayson has seen today there are many positive applications that can deliver genuine solutions to real social and economic issues.”

More information about the Serious Games Institute and its projects can be found here

Source: Game Politics

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