Serious Sam 3 is packing some surprise DRM: an immortal pink scorpion that will make your life miserable.

With most of its business presumably coming via Steam, Serious Sam 3: BFE is already protected by a pretty solid layer of DRM. But conventional retail copies are available in some parts of the world and let’s be honest, even Steam games sometimes end up running around loose and unsupervised. Croteam apparently foresaw this possibility and so it took steps to protect the game itself in the coolest, nastiest way possible.

Players with an illegal copy of Serious Sam 3 will at some point find themselves being pursued by a little [relatively speaking] pink scorpion guy with machine-guns for hands. It’s technically a Juvenile Arachnoid, with two big differences: it’s fast as hell, and it’s immortal.

That’s right, it cannot be killed and it’s way too fast to be evaded for more than a second or two. It will pursue you, it will attack you and sooner or later – probably sooner – it will kill you. It’s a hilarious idea and it’s even more hilarious to see the thing in action. It’s also a lot of fun imagining all the dummies looking for help with the unkillable fast scorpion thing in various Serious Sam 3 forums.

This DRM will be defeated fairly quickly, of course, but in the meantime it’s truly a joy to behold. Nicely done, Croteam.

Source: The Dark Side of Gaming

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