Sesame Street Pokes Fun at Spider-Man Musical


When puppets start making fun of you, it’s time to go home.

The much beleaguered Spider-man musical, Turn Off the Dark, has been the butt of all kinds of jokes, but this satirical Sesame Street skit has to sting an awful lot, coming as it does from an educational kids show filled with adorable puppets.

The skit stars the loveable Grover as “Spider-Monster” and is a sneak preview of the show’s 42nd season, which starts in September.

There are all kinds of digs at the Spider-Man musical – my favorite being the crack about it only being the show’s 17th opening night – and anyone who has been following the production’s progress will no doubt find plenty of things to chuckle at. Kids will likely enjoy it too, although the more satirical elements will probably be a little over their heads, unless they’re up to date with the latest Broadway news.

Turn Off the Dark officially opens tonight, although some of its detractors don’t think it will last long. It will be interesting to see if the show is still running when the skit airs on TV in the fall. There are undoubtedly plenty of fingers crossed that it will, as investors have sunk tens of millions of dollars into the project.

Source: io9

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