Marvelous Entertainment is working on a new Half-Minute Hero game, and it sounds even crazier than the original.

Half-Minute Hero was one of those games that managed to fly under the radar and then thrill most people who played it. What made it so much fun was that it was a quirky, fast-paced RPG that happened to feature a number of different game modes you could play when you wanted a break from the main adventure. Famitsu Magazine has revealed that a sequel is in the works, and it’s coming out in Japan this November.

The new game is currently titled Hero 30 Second. A translation of the Famitsu article reveals that the developers are aiming to make things even more hectic and action-packed than the first game. Included in the new features are a four-player co-op mode, a “school-based RPG” mode, and the “Infinite Hero” mode where players are required to defeat an unending string of boss characters (with the requirement that each boss be overcome in 30 seconds or less). The 8-bit graphic style (seen in this picture from the first game) will be kept for the new title, and development is “77 percent complete.”

While Hero 30 Second is due out in Japan on November 4, there’s no announcement yet for either a North American or European version. We’ve contacted XSEED Games to see if it had any such plans, but have yet to receive a confirmation or denial.

Source: Andria Sang via Joystiq

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