Seth MacFarlane to Add up to $1 Million to Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Seth MacFarlane 310x

Can Seth MacFarlane make LeVar Burton the Six Million Dollar Man?

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter has already crossed into phenomenon territory, having gathered over $4 million since the campaign started in late May. There’s only five days left until the campaign ends, but LeVar Burton has one final ace up the sleeve to push funding for his project even higher.

Seth MacFarlane, the pasty white Connecticuter behind Family Guy, and American Dad, will match every dollar donated between the $4 million and $5 million milestones, effectively doubling donations in the campaign’s final days.

If the boost works out, the final funding amount will be at least $6 million.

$5 million is the golden number for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, so an additional million bucks is added gravy. At $5 million, the campaign will have hit its final stretch goal, which will see the reborn children’s reading program on mobile devices, Android, videogame consoles, and OTT/streaming boxes (Apple TV, Roku, etc.)

If you’ve been waiting for the home stretch to donate to LeVar’s cause, there’s no better time than the present. You don’t want your friends to think you don’t care about children’s literacy…do you?

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