Seven-Minute KH: Birth by Sleep Trailer Features Japanese Mickey


The strangest part about this Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep trailer may just be hearing characters like Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan speaking Japanese. That’s just not right.

So, I played the first two Kingdom Hearts, and I actually enjoyed them quite a bit. The story started getting a bit too convoluted in the second game, but hey, I was still on board, because we got to fight alongside the motherf*ckin’ Beast and everything. But… okay, I really get the feeling I missed something, when watching the seven-minute Jump Festa trailer for the upcoming PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Apparently there’s a war over the Keyblades, and the guy who looks like Zack from Final Fantasy VII is falling into Darkness (like everything is in the Kingdom Hearts games), and his teammates – a girl with blue hair and someone who looks and sounds exactly like KH2‘s Roxas but who is apparently not Roxas – don’t want it to happen. Was this explained in one of the previous games and I just… happened to forget it all? What happened to kicking Jafar’s ass in Agrabah, anyway?

Oh, but the Disney characters are still there, which is nice – even if hearing them in Japanese is exceedingly strange (as is seeing Pete dressed and acting like one of those super sentai superheroes a la Kamen Rider or the Power Rangers). I suppose that’s just a cultural thing, though – kind of like flipping through the channels and finding The Simpsons dubbed into Spanish, and boggling at what Homer’s voice sounds like.

Do you think this is how Japanese people feel when they watch English-dubbed anime? Could be.

At any rate, it’s seven minutes of Birth By Sleep, and while all its done for me is make me feel exceedingly confused and like I wasn’t paying attention when I played the first two games, I’m sure there’s a lot of cool stuff here for people who actually know what’s going on. Like young Axel (???) and young Kairi (?????) and … okay, you know what, I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out.

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