The Lovecraft Video Game Association of America? Has Wilbur Whatleley been informed?

Denis Dyack’s new home, Precursor Games, has finally launched its crowdfunding effort for its Eternal Darkness successor, Shadow of the Eternals. What’s more, there’s a teaser trailer with game footage, though as a seasoned Cthulhu gamer I offer this piece of advice to the protagonists: burn the books! It’s the only way to stay sane.

Whether or not you’re a Kachoolu fan, this episodic horror title has struck a chord with a few gamers so far, and – at time of writing – $144,633 of the $1.5 million ask has been raised. “Being in the industry for a very long time,” says Dyack, “one of the biggest problems that we always had as game designers is, we never had that direct contact with the consumer, so with digital distribution we can look to ways to raise our own money and interact directly with the consumer.” Hence this crowdfunding campaign, run directly by Precursor itself, as Canada lacks a Kickstarter model of its own. Those interested in pledging should bear in mind that, unlike Kickstarter, this campaign will keep the money it raises whether or not it reaches its goal.

The $1.5 million ask, incidentally, funds the pilot episode plus the engine build. As we know, Precursor has had to develop its own engine this time out; after all, those computers were expunged of all data before Silicon Knights sold them off. The plot will be as episodic as the title itself; though the teaser seen here focuses on a quasi-medieval theme, you start in the modern day interrogating two very different amnesiac survivors of a massacre in an insane asylum. If you want to know more about Precursor’s fundraiser, have a look over here.

Source: PC Gamer

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